Focal Points:

  • K-12 Professional Development
  • NEW! Celebratory Leadership Youth Development Series!
  • Train the Trainer Model
  • Classroom and/or School-wide application
  • Adaptable to any school, district or youth program
  • Staff Development Training
  • Modifiable School Climate Survey
  • Satisfies Title I and II Requirements
  • Motivational Keynote Presentations Available

"When we celebrate what's right with the world,

we find the energy to fix what's wrong."

School Climate & Culture

Youth Leadership Development

Celebratory Leadership synchronizes the exciting and innovative, research-driven learning content of educator

Karl Klimek and colleagues, with the inspirational work of National Geographic photographer, Dewitt Jones.

Attention to the health of school climate and culture conditions is an on-going and ever-present focus area for school leaders.  Celebratory Leadership provides a refreshing, positive and customizable set of tools and activities to aid professionals as they address these important elements that contribute to the success of their schools.  In 2016, we developed an exciting Youth Leadership component due to expressed interest by high school students wanting to enhance their leadership skills!

Back to School the Menlo Way - Ann Arbor, Michigan

ASET - Dive into Space @ University of California at Fresno
Michigan Career Technology Educators Conference
Boyne Mountain, MI
Fresno State University
How Kids Learn Speaker's Forum
Save Mart Center
w/Dewitt Jones
Wexford County Career and Technical Educators
Cadillac, MI